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Who Can Be A Foster Parent?

Foster Parent Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years old

  • Must be physically and mentally able to care for children and be free from communicable diseases

  • Must be able to obtain child abuse, criminal, and FBI clearances

  • Must be able to complete required training

  • Must be able to prove that you are financially stable

Myths About Foster Care

  • It's expensive to become a foster parent. It's almost FREE.

  • You have to be married. You can be single, married, or LGBTQ+.

  • You have to own you home. You can rent or own.

  • You need to be a stay at home parent. As long as you have sustainable income you will qualify.

  • Foster children are bad or juvenile delinquents. Foster children enter foster care at no fault of their own. 

  •  I'd get too attached. Good! You'd be the best foster parent!

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